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Names of men in germany

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Abbey Firm. Abby Firm. Abe Firm.

Abel Firm. Abelerd Firm.

Adalard Brave. Adalbert Intelligent or noble. Adalberto Famous for nobility. Adalgar Noble spearman. Adalgiso Noble hostage.

Adalhard Brave. Adalhelm Noble protector. Adalric Noble friend. Adalrik Noble friend. Adalwen Noble friend. Adalwin Noble friend. Adalwine Noble friend. Adalwolf Noble wolf.

Adaulfo Noble wolf, Noble hero. Adel Noble. Adelbert Famous for nobility. Adelberto Famous for nobility.

Category:German male given names - Wiktionary

Adelchi Noble hostage. Adelhard Resolute. Adelhelm Noble protector. Adelino Noble. Adelmo Noble protector. Ademaro Glorious in battle. Adi Famous for nobility. Adimaro Glorious in battle.

Adlar Eagle. Adne Eagle. Adolf Noble wolf. Adolfo Noble wolf. Adolfus Noble wolf, Noble hero.

I Am Search Sex Date Names of men in germany

Adolph Noble wolf, Noble hero. Adolphe Noble wolf, Noble hero.

Adolpho Noble wolf, Noble hero. Adolphus Noble wolf, Noble hero. Ahren Eagle. Ailbe Intelligent or noble.

Aksel Father of peace. Alaric Noble ruler. Alarick Noble leader. Alarik Noble leader. Albert Noble and bright.

I Seeking Sexual Dating Names of men in germany

Alberto Noble, Bright. Albertus Noble, Bright. Albie Noble, Bright. Albrecht Noble, Bright.

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Alby Noble, Bright. Ald Old or wise. Alder Name of a tree. Aldo Wise, Elder. Aldous Old wealthy. Aldrik Noble friend.

Aldus Old, Wealthy. Alfons Noble estate, Eager.

Alfonse Noble estate, Eager. Alfonso Eager. Alger Noble warrior.

Names of men in germany

Alhmanic Divine. Alhsom Sacred fame. Alhwin Noble friend. Alois Famous warrior. Alonso Noble estate, Eager.

Names of men in germany I Am Ready Real Sex Dating

Alonza Noble estate, Eager. Alonzo Noble estate, Eager. Aloysius A warrior.

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Alphonse Noble estate, eager. Alphonso Noble estate, Eager. Alrik Noble leader. Altman Wise man. Altmann Wise man. Alvin Light skinned. Alvy Intelligent or noble. Alwin Noble friend. Amald Power of an eagle.

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Amall Power of an eagle. Amaud Power of an eagle.

Amd Power of an eagle. Amdt Power of an eagle. Ame Eagle. Amell Power of an eagle. Amery Divine. Amet Power of an eagle. Amett Power of an eagle.

From Abbey to Zelig, find a full list of German boys names and their meanings online at Click a name to add to your German baby list Altmann (Wise man). Pages in category "German masculine given names". The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. This list may not reflect recent . male Ernst, Friedrich, Hans, Heinrich, Hermann, Karl, Otto, Paul, Walter, Wilhelm female Anna, Bertha, Elisabeth, Emma, Frieda, Gertrud, Margarethe, Maria.

Amey Eagle. Amhold Power of an eagle. Ami Eagle. Amo Power of an eagle. Amold Power of an eagle.

Category:German masculine given names - Wikipedia

Amoll Power of an eagle. Amot Power of an eagle. Amott Power of an eagle. Amwolf Eagle wolf. Andreas German form of Andrew.

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Ann Name of a king. Ansell God's protection.