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Fuck my wife stories

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I'm open to meeting anyone attractive, normal and sane in their 20's, 30's or 40's. Don't need to send a pic but I am willing to send one to you.

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This story was told to me by an old friend. After we had a few drinks he told me that he and a friend had fucked fuck my wife stories wife and her room mate while we were separated. I had heard a somewhat bland tale from my wife after we reunited but I really needed the sexy details and she wasn't going to offer them to me. After more drinks and more encouragement I finally asked him cougars Jones Mills Arkansas horny the night in question.

He was actually more than willing to tell me all of the details. I think he got excited remembering. Fuck my wife stories goes: Wifee friend and I ran into your wife Suzy and her roommate Susan at a local bar one night and danced a lot and drank a lot.

Suzy and I had fuck my wife stories lot to talk about, school, you guys being aife and me just being engaged. My friend, Kevin and Susan seemed to be hitting it off. The bar closed and Suzy talked with Susan and asked if we wanted to stop by her house for some more drinks.

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Suzy is a very beautiful woman, and has a fuck my wife stories body too. Also her nice tits, nice tight ass added to her charm.

We had never as much crossed the line thru school but the time that night was sstories to change all.

We got to the house and paired up right off, Suzy wige me and Kevin and Susan. We continued to drink, flirt and make. I could tell fuck my wife stories Suzy wanted to move things along and so did I.

She asked if I wanted to go into her bedroom and then took my hand fuck my wife stories led me the bedroom. I started kissing her as we entered and she pressed those tits tightly against me.

Gosh her breasts were so soft. Her nipples storiss have been getting super sensitive under her top because as I rubbed them she moaned.

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She wasted no time and undid my belt buckle and unsnapped my jeans. I dropped my pants down and shrugged them off. She took my shirt off and I helped her out of her clothes before we got onto the bed. I moved my hand down her waist to her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks dife then moved my hand around to her pussy. I was rubbing the back of my hand against her mound and she seemed to enjoy.

We were still kissing as we were laying beside each. I slipped my middle finger into her soaking wet cunt as she moaned loudly. Her pussy was soaking wet, "damn" I thought she is hot. She moaned in fuck my wife stories mouth as we kissed. We moved over to mt bed. My cock was rock hard and I rubbed my cock against fort lauderdale escorts backpage com leg and belly.

Suzy opened her legs a bit and I moved my right hand between her legs again and slipped my finger into her. She started humping my hand and reached down to cup my cock and balls. How lucky I was I thought. I moved my fuck my wife stories down to her nipples and fuck my wife stories sucked and nibbled.

She was sensitive there and wjfe continued to moan fuck my wife stories. Her moaning was so hot!. I then moved my tongue down her stomach to her pussy mound. This is what I wanted to do so I could storiees her crazy. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and put my stries on her clit. It was really standing out and the more I licked and sucked on it, the more she would moan and grind her pussy in my face. She definitely knew what she liked.

I love to lick a woman's asshole and as I would lick her pussy up and down, she seemed to be enjoying it ways to ask a girl out in person. The lower I went with my tongue fuck my wife stories would move to it.

As I was sweeping up to her clit I would then go even lower to her ass and then right into her tight asshole.

She was a bit hesitant for maybe a free anal wife seconds but then started moaning fuck my wife stories as I did my full lick.

She was moving all over the bed and was pushing her pussy into my face humping my tongue.

I wanted her to cum in my mouth and as we both kept getting hotter. I moved wief finger inside her wet pussy and would finger her adult want sex tonight Orrville Ohio 44667 I licked on her clit.

I remember thinking, I wonder if I could put my little finger in her wet asshole. Fuck my wife stories was already soaked because my whole face was so wet. I've done this to other girls and fuck my wife stories loved the different feeling. She could feel what I was doing as I would gently put just the tip in her ass.

I would then dip it in her pussy to ,y it lubricated.

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She was climbing to her Cum and the closer ny got the deeper my finger went in her asshole. I pulled out my soaking wet fingers and held them up to her mouth to lick clean.

Fuck my wife stories

She fuck my wife stories have loved the taste of her fuc juices and ass because she cleaned my little fingers. My cock was throbbing by now but I wanted to taste her cum. After a short time she neared and started her cum. She began to grind out her climax on my face.

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After she calmed down a bit I got on my knees beside her stiries. She knew what I wanted and she turned her face to me and opened her mouth.

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fuck my wife stories She stuck out her tongue and started licking the pre cum off fuck my wife stories cock. Then stries was up and down the sides of duck cock as well as licking my balls and sack. Suzy really knows how to suck a cock, you have really taught her. I knew I wasn't going to last long at this pace and wanted to shoot my cum in her wet pussy and not down her throat. But what was really cool was as she licked my balls and cock I moved up over her head so she could lick my ass women seeking casual sex Arlington Georgia she wanted to.

She didn't do it right then so I reached down and put 3 fingers in her soaking wet pussy and then brought them up to my mouth. I love the taste of a woman's juices!

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I did it again and pulled my fingers out and let her lick my fingers clean. She loved it and greedily sucked her wetness from my fingers.

She then put my cock back into her mouth, she was moaning and slobbering around it as she sucked it hard fuck my wife stories deep. I got over her again and we got into a 69 position. At this time I felt her tongue probing my asshole opening. I thought just what wouldn't this super horny girl not do?

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After about 10 minutes of sucking my cock and me licking her clit. I had to release my load of cum. I climbed off her and she told me to lay on my. She climbed on me reached down and shoved my cock in her soaking wet pussy. DAMN did it ever feel wofe I remember thinking how different she felt because she fuck my wife stories so tight at her opening, but so wet inside. I could feel her actually gripping me! I knew that I wasn't going to last long like this because I couldn't control the rhythm of our fucking.

I told her to climb beautiful black teen girls and get on her back. I told her to spread her legs wide so I could see her red pussy.

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She did and then spread those beautiful legs wide. Good Slave, I thought. I went back down on her clit to lick where my cock had just been and to give my cock some time to calm. I sat on my knees fuck my wife stories slid up against her ass and between those open legs.

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I rubbed my hard cock up and down her wet slit. She liked that but wanted me in side her so then I slipped back inside.